Dog Days of Summer Update - Big New Dance, Reiki Training, Seva Yoga Retreat to Peru!

Dear Ones,

The Dog Star Sirius is at its brightest in the sky right now, and before the dog days of Summer are done, I want to put a couple of things on your radar that are coming up VERY soon!

SECOND DEGREE REIKI TRAINING with Reiki Master Keely Rakushin Garfield

One-day Intensive Saturday September 7 - 10am to 5pm in Brooklyn, NY

Second Degree Reiki training is for those who wish to expand their existing Reiki practice, learn how to offer Reiki as distance healing, and address specific life challenges. It is an invitation to go deeper, truly connect, and effectively care for oneself and others. The training includes Second Degree Reiki attunement, clear instruction on enhancing hands-on practice as well as how to work with this subtle and profound Universal Life Force healing energy to support those who are not physically present. It is open to anyone who has already completed First Degree Reiki. Space is limited. Contact me directly if you have questions, and to sign-up.

the old healer

the old healer



Keely Garfield Dance has received a significant commission for a new dance work, The Invisible Project, that will premiere at NYU Skirball in 2021. No time like the present so we are already on it. Come see a still "wet behind the ears" draughtwork at WET! Save the date as this is an intimate theater space and seats will go fast. Tickets on sale a month before the shows. October 3 - 5, 7pm at Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew's West End Theater, 263, West 86th Street.

Focusing on the intersectionality of working artists, and aspects of the marginalized workforce, The Invisible Project employs a broad-definition of what it means to “work”, to be “seen”, and to be “invisible”, tracking its inhabitant’s movements through actualized, and liminal space. The Invisible Project is choreographed by Keely Garfield, joined in performance by Paul Hamilton, Molly Lieber, Doug LeCours, Angie Pittman, Shane Larson, and non-identifying movers. All working together to reveal things inconsequential and monumental, transforming the way we see things.

shady lady

shady lady


Souljourn Yoga with Keely Garfield and Kristin Bilella - May 22 - 31, 2020

Come on what's not to love? It is a rare occassion when I am moved to lead a retreat and this is that occassion! My friend Jordan Katz who founded Souljourn Yoga, and with whom I first traveled to India over a decade ago, has really put her heart and SOUL into creating retreats that SERVE. It would be truly meaningful to have you along to create community and care.

back in the day in India

back in the day in India

In Jordan's own words...Souljourn Yoga invites you to have your heart cracked wide open for our 5th annual, 10-day yoga adventure as we explore the ancient lands of Peru from Cusco to Machu Picchu. Give back to yourself while giving to others on this amazing journey where we will be supporting the girls of the Sacred Valley Project , which is dedicated to providing education, healthcare, food, and accommodations to girls from low-income families in the Andes Mountains. Please join Keely Garfield and Kristin Bilella for an incredible journey of seva and transformation from meeting the girls of the Sacred Valley Project as well as exploring Machu Picchu and seeing how firsthand your support can make a real difference. Embark on a full cultural immersion and sojourn from hiking, sweat lodging, glamping, yoga and even zip lining for a magical retreat of a lifetime!

Details and Sign-up:

Peru Yoga Adventure with The Sacred Valley Project May 22 - 31, 2020

Love & Gassho,