Keely Garfield Dance


Resistance & Friends!

New York Live Arts:

Live Ideas 2018/Radical Vision

April 21st at 7.30pm 

NYLA 219 W 19th Street
212.691.6500 219 



 Photo: KGD by Ian Douglas

Photo: KGD by Ian Douglas

 Photo: Keely Garfield by Paula Court

Photo: Keely Garfield by Paula Court

What forms can we create in modern society that will be conducive to seeing the oneness of life? What are the forms that will make it easier to experience interconnectednessa?
— Zen Peacemakers Order

There is a West African proverb, "When you pray, move your feet!" In response MANDALA brings a community of moving parts together to make things whole. ZPO's Three Tenets—Not-knowing, Bearing Witness, and Taking Action—spur us on and provide a map of sorts. Ideas recede, listening appears, and dancing will save our souls.   

MANDALA is performed by Paul Hamilton, Raja Feather Kelly, Emma Rose Brown, Angie Pittman, Doug LeCours, Dwanye Brown, Carlo Antonio Villaneuva, Lawrence Goldhuber, Jamel West, and Keely Garfield. KGD is joined by Garfield's spirited students from Lang Dance Department, The New School!

Radical Vision is informed by a desire to find the temerity to change the things we cannot accept.  How do we not simply protect democracy, but make it stronger?  What are new (radical) ways forward—ways that go to the roots of our current democratic crisis?  The festival will present five days of activity around the idea of an open society, to imagine its future and understand its past.  Through public forums, performances, readings and workshops, we will conduct a forward-looking, critical appraisal of key democratic institutions including the press, technology corporations, criminal justice, electoral process.  

When Ms. Garfield begins by telling the audience, “None of us can do this on our own,” you might wonder if her tongue is in her cheek. But when the work ends with the dancers turning in a circle, hand in hand as the lights fade, it’s pretty clear that she means it. This is not a war dance. It’s more like prayer.
— Brian Seibert, The New York Times.