Save The Date! November 29 - Dec 9  
Keely Garfield Dance - Perfect Piranha

Presented by The Chocolate Factory.


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“Garfield’s work is an act of disruption, an unmasking with occasional masks, a mouthful of Pop Rocks, a baptismal immersion in feelings that continuously build.”
— Eva Yaa Asantewaa - Infinite Body

Perfect Piranha emerges as an uninterrupted flow of continuous movement, veering between a whisper and a roar. Declarative dancing gives sway to mixed emotions, evaporating patterns, and vaudevillian flourishes. The dance concludes in an immaculate outpouring – Mandala – a dance within a dance. Mandala is an extraordinarily intricate ascending spiral that serves as soulful completion. 

Winston Churchill said, “All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.” What can be expressed is simple. What cannot be expressed is most urgent. What if there are no words yet for what we are living through? Meaning accrues - intonation, accumulation of speed, diminishing space, hate speech, embodied listening, sublime utterance – who are we now? I hit you and you hit me is one way to communicate. Inchoate and tentative, we turn away. A Piranha’s teeth are serrated, sharp as blades, and ideal for shearing and tearing flesh. A veneered smile is heralded as indication of how smart and happy a person is. Let’s turn back, reach deep into our subterranean hearts, and remember who we can be. Imagine a piranha’s strong jaw and teeth closing in, and turn towards this awareness. Snap! Wake up! We struggle with what we have made. Let’s start over. Compassionate and in accord, we turn…None of us can do this alone.

Perfect Piranha is choreographed by 2017 Guggenheim Fellow, Keely Garfield. Garfield is joined in performance by Bessie awarded dancers Molly Lieber and Raja Feather Kelly, Bessie nominated Paul Hamilton, and newcomer, Emma Rose Brown. Lighting design is by Madeline Best. 

“Keely Garfield has been on a phenomenal tear in recent years, creating work that seems always on the verge of plunging off a cliff — you watch spellbound, waiting for the car to crash and burn in spectacular fashion. Somehow, though, she always makes the curve...If you are going to make a stand best to make it at the height of your powers!”
— Claudia La Rocco - The New York Times

Keely Garfield joyfully participates in the great body of the world as a choreographer, dancer, teacher, and curator. Born in London and based in New York City, Garfield is the artistic director of her company, Keely Garfield Dance (KGD), which has been widely commissioned and presented at theaters and festivals nationally and internationally, garnering several Bessie awards and nominations. Garfield is a 2017 Guggenheim Fellow, a NYFA Fellow and received the Chancellor’s Award from University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she obtained her MFA in choreography. Garfield is an adjunct professor in dance at The New School and has taught at many universities and colleges. Alongside her artistic career, Garfield is an integrative yoga therapist, yoga teacher, and Reiki Master focusing on wellness for dancers, and works in oncology and hospice. A spirit of philosophical inquiry and compassionate concern unites her dedicated engagement in all her endeavors.  

Garfield has created over sixty dances for KGD, and made work for other modern dance companies, theater, musicals, ballet, film, MTV, site-specific projects, schools and universities. She has collaborated with dancers, actors, musicians, students, children, people with disabilities, young adults in under-served communities, and even animated the movements of mechanical robots and antique puppets. Highlights include: Deep (The Joyce Theater), Twin Pines (Danspace Project), Disturbing The Peace (Zenon Dance Company), Iron Lung (Groundworks Dancetheater), Disturbulance (NYLA), Sinister Slapstick (Queen Elizabeth Hall), My Father Was A Spanish Captain (Tanzmesse), Scent of Mental Love (A film for Radio Bremen/Canal Arte), Damsel (Dance Theater of Harlem), Body Wisdom (Rubin Museum of Art), and Gypsy (Sundance Theater), Folk Dance In Gold (The Wooden Floor).


Fall 2017 Update - Reiki Trainings! Yoga Classes! AND Get Ready - Perfect Piranha premieres at The Chocolate Factory in November!

Dear Ones,

Summer was saturated with a dance residency in Vermont, silent retreat in the Hudson Valley, time with family in London and Paris, and topped off with teaching my annual yoga retreat at The Garden! I am happily steeping in it all, and ready for a Fall that is brimming over with bountiful offerings...   



Following the deeply transformational training I led last Spring in the beautiful sanctuary of Yogamaya New York, I am thrilled to be offering a new First Degree Reiki Training at Yogamaya NYC on Saturday October 14, 1pm to 7pm. This one-day intensive will provide all you need to feel comfortable practicing Reiki for yourself and others including Reiki attunement, hands-on practice, and clear guidance on how to work with this subtle and profound healing energy. Space is limited so Sign-Up today and take advantage of the early bird discount!

Here is what one student had to say about the Spring training:

“Again, thank you so much for such an incredible experience. I originally signed up just for a new and fun life experience but left the training feeling inspired and ready to incorporate reiki into my life both personally and professionally. You made an often misunderstood and mysterious practice feel grounded and accessible.” -
— Courtney DePasquale, Therapist

For those of you closer to the woods, I am offering First Degree Reiki Training on Saturday October 8, 12.30pm to 6.30pm at Satya Yoga Center in Rhinebeck, NY!

Since many of you have already studied Reiki with me, I would love to hear how you are getting along with your practice? I also appreciate you sending your friends and family to one of the October trainings. And If you are already attuned in First Degree and ready to deepen your Reiki experience, consider joining me for Second Degree Reiki Training on Saturday November 11th. Please reach out directly if you are interested in participating.

Keely is your quintessential guide to the healing arts. Don’t miss her!”
— Rodney Yee, Yoga Master 
Keely Garfield, photo by Lars Klove

Keely Garfield, photo by Lars Klove

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Keely Garfield, photo by Rashmi Gill for Yoga Shanti

Keely Garfield, photo by Rashmi Gill for Yoga Shanti


The Chocolate Factory New York will present Keely Garfield Dance in the premiere of PERFECT PIRANHA November 29 - December 9, 2017 with Keely Garfield, Paul Hamilton, Molly Lieber, Raja Feather Kelly & Emma Rose Brown

Keely Garfield, photo by Paula Court

Keely Garfield, photo by Paula Court

Spring 2017 Update - Guggenheim! Dance Premieres! New Reiki Training!

Dear Ones,

My Spring has definitely Sprung!  I am chuffed to announce that I have been named a 2017 Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.  Many bows to all those who have kept the faith, championed my work, and continue to accompany me along the way.  Who knew, that dancing about bees, longing, catastrophic events, boredom, sincerity, crawling, superheroes, donning a wire-hanger as a crown, and squishing yourself into a fridge for an iPhone photo for your concert flyer (don't try this at home) would illuminate so much!  What else?  What else, is there, I ask?      
Here's what!  KGD will premiere a new evening-length work, Perfect Piranha at The Chocolate Factory in December.  Following a sold-out season at CF in 2013, we are delighted with this new commission and are looking forward to returning to one of our favorite venues.  The seed for the work was sown a while ago, when I was looking at a vase of flowers in the place where I practice meditation.  The flowers were faded, formerly bright hues turning brown and grimy petals falling apart.  I felt repulsed, and curious about why the dying flowers had not yet been replaced with fresh ones.  At that moment, the abbot of the Zendo passed by, and glancing at the flowers, sighed aloud, “How beautiful!”  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Behold, Perfect Piranha a dance bluntly staring into the sharp edginess and imperfection of things.

You can support the creation and performance of Perfect Piranha with a tax-deductible contribution in any amount HERE AND NOW!  This headgear ain't cheap!

Piranha Sunday

Piranha Sunday

In May, I will be back in California finishing up my residency with The Wooden Floor, a stellar non-profit arts organization for under-served youth.  The residency culminates in the premiere of FOLK DANCE IN GOLD at the Irvine Barclay Theater, in June.  The piece features 36 young dancers with skin in the game, close-knit and firmly established in the conviction of mutual support.  Shored-up with music by my son, Cyrus Ra.  All have hearts of gold! 

Rehearsal with the young dancers of The Wooden Floor

Rehearsal with the young dancers of The Wooden Floor

Onto July when I will again be offering a First Degree Reiki Training, this time at Hudson Yoga Project/HYP in Hoboken, NJ.  Space is limited so we can cultivate an in-depth experience of Reiki practice together, and gain confidence in understanding and working with this vital healing energy.  Here is what one recent participant had to say:

Again, thank you so much for such an incredible experience.  I originally signed up just for a new and fun life experience but left the training feeling inspired and ready to incorporate reiki into my life both personally and professionally.  You made an often misunderstood and mysterious practice feel grounded and accessible.”
- Courtney D, Therapist


Reiki is a cool.  Don't delay, sign up today HERE!